27 May 2024 | Elsewhere
Good morning BSS World with Marina Bzovîi and Andrew Wrobel

In 102nd episode of Good Morning BSS World podcast together with Marina Bzovîi and Andrew Wrobel, we delve into an insightful discussion about the IT industry in Moldova.

26 May 2024 | Column
The last word: A new military alliance could help defuse tensions in Asia 

The 2024 K.E.Y Platform offers a solution to balance power and ambitions in the Pacific.

24 May 2024 | Column
Daily musings: Education, innovation and research in Georgia

As recent developments have shown, the Georgian people want to be part of the European family, a group of countries that work together on topics including trade, investment, the rule of law, as well as research, education and innovation.

23 May 2024 | Column
Daily musings: Corporate venture funding

Where is the money for global business ventures going, and what do the big company investors think will happen next?

22 May 2024 | Column
Daily Musings: Women in agritech

I truly admire the female entrepreneur who started a business at the age of 70 after she retired, when she thought she had nothing else to lose. Earlier, she thought she didn't have the skills necessary to run a company.

21 May 2024 | Column
Daily musings: ‘Foreign agents’ bill and FDI in Georgia

Protests, which grew out of opposition to the controversial foreign agents law, morphed into a larger sign of discontent against the government and the direction it is taking the country.

20 May 2024 | Column
Daily Musings: Informative, Engaging, Entertaining and Thought-Provoking Sessions

"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn."

17 May 2024 | Column
Daily Musings: AI-driven digital health innovations

AI was a major player at the digitalhealth innovation session I led at the Macedonia2025 Summit in Skopje.

16 May 2024 | Speaker & host
Macedonia 2025 Summit | Skopje

I hosted a panel discussion focused on digital health innovations at the Macedonia 2025 Summit in Skopje.

16 May 2024 | Column
Daily musings: Macedonia 2025

This year's Macedonia2025 Summit—as always—offered some food for thought not only for Macedonian business leaders but also for those from around the globe!