Emerging Europe Talks is a series of discussions offering insight and intelligence designed to help entrepreneurs, investors, governments and all knowledge-seekers navigate emerging Europe. Emerging Europe Talks is originally published on the Emerging Europe website and includes three shows: Sustainable Impact, Success and Failure and She’s Next empowered by Visa. I also hosted two more series: InnoStars Talks and Healthcare Hackers, powered by EIT Health InnoStars.

September 26, 2023
Sustainable impact — Climate Intelligence with Climatig’s Duško Radulovic 

Duško Radulovic, Climatig’s CEO, spoke with Andrew Wrobel about his company’s solution to the challenges of obtaining reliable climate intelligence using geolocation with a precision of 10 metres.

September 12, 2023
Regional Leadership — innovative Moldova with Dumitru Alaiba

“Moldova is no longer just a consumer of technologies. We are now a nation that exports and generates technologies"

August 15, 2023
Sustainable Impact — AI for start-ups with Hotball.ai’s Maksym Nagara

Maksym Nagara, the founder and CEO of Hotball.ai and the founder and leading consultant of Bezmezh.Consulting, talks with Andrew Wrobel about how the firm’s solution can help start-ups understand strategy and plan better. 

August 11, 2023
She’s Next with Nataliia Ievtushenko and Svitlana Chyrva 

"It's really great to feel that your experience, your advice helps someone to grow or just to realise themselves, to achieve results or even to build a relationship with someone. It's important not only for the mentee but also for the mentor."

August 9, 2023
She’s Next with Michelle Simmons 

“I measure myself on how I'm helping people in my organisation to achieve their career goals."

August 4, 2023
She’s Next with Dan Baxter

“There's been a lot of positive discussion and some positive progress when it comes to gender equality around the world, […] but I think clearly there's much more to be done to truly ensure the level of equality that we all aspire to and I think men have to play...

August 2, 2023
She’s Next with Silke Horáková

“When we started in 2018, […] it was really to try something new in the region and in our country [of Czechia]. It was about convincing investors that impact investing is something valid and has a future. That it’s worthwhile to invest for financial returns, and doing something good for...

August 1, 2023
Success and Failure — IT and software business with Oves Enterprise’s Mihai Filip

Mihai Filip, the founder and CEO of Romania-based Oves Enterprise, and also a serial entrepreneur, speaks with Andrew Wrobel about why he set up a software engineering company and how he found his niche in that rapidly developing sector, how he continues to innovate on a daily basis and provide value...

July 28, 2023
She’s Next with Nadya Zhexembayeva and Cristina Doros 

“I was born into a century and a family that went through every kind of disruption imaginable. I come from […] Central Asia, which has gone through tremendous turbulence: two brutal world wars, multiple civil wars in between every kind of disruption possible, and then that finished with the collapse...

July 26, 2023
She’s Next with Elena Marinova

“I was born and raised in a family of engineers. All around me were gadgets and software, and I wasn't really excited about them. My father taught me how to programme. It was basic, and it was more than 30 years ago, and did not excite me that much." 

July 19, 2023
She’s Next with Turkan Ismayilli and Cristina Doros

“My background is in the tourism industry, but when my son was born, he came with a bonus. [This is how] autism came into our lives."   

July 18, 2023
Sustainable Impact — The Future of News with Post’s Noam Bardin

Noam Bardin is the former CEO of Waze and the founder and CEO of Post, which he launched in November 2022. Post is an inclusive platform designed for social media natives and the way they want to consume news. He speaks with Andrew Wrobel about the future of news.