The Last Word is a series of columns, originally published on the Emerging Europe website. I cover a wide range of topics: leadership, sustainability, technology, entrepreneurship, innovation, geopolitics, site selection and global business services.

October 1, 2023
Throughout CEE, misperceptions often begin at home

If emerging Europe wants others to view the region in a different light, it would do well to take a look at the way it views itself.

September 25, 2023
Five tips from five emerging Europe entrepreneurs

Learning from someone else’s mistakes and proven success saves time.

September 10, 2023
Celebrating good people

Director Agnieszka Holland’s latest film, The Green Border, is not to the liking of Poland’s ruling party.

September 3, 2023
Selling a region to the world

A lack of awareness about a specific location can be a real obstacle to investment, and for the firms already located there, to international growth.

August 13, 2023
Emerging Europe’s future is digital 

Since the beginning of this year, Emerging Europe, in partnership with Microsoft and PwC, has been running a regional discussion series aimed at increasing resilience and perseverance. Here are some of my takeaways. 

July 30, 2023
Ukraine’s entrepreneurial women

A new initiative from the European Institute for Innovation Technology (EIT) wants to recognise the innovation of female-run Ukrainian businesses.

July 2, 2023
The Belarus IT sector adapts to new realities

Geopolitical events have left the IT firms of Belarus scrambling to adapt. But there is hope for the future.

June 11, 2023
Enabling innovation in healthcare

The secret to fostering innovation in hospitals is to harness clinical and research curiosity and their ambition to better clinical yields.

June 4, 2023
Thinking sustainably from the start (up) 

If you are a start-up founder, whatever product or service you are developing, look at it with a sustainability lens and reflect on how it leads to a better future, globally and in emerging Europe in particular. 

May 28, 2023
Emerging Europe’s impressive journey

For the last 15 months, emerging Europe has been the focus of Europe, the new heart of Europe, and this is a trend that will continue, to the region’s advantage.

May 21, 2023
Different sustainability journeys

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to implementing ESG.

May 14, 2023
Europe’s new centre of gravity

Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine is another example of how emerging Europe countries have shown agency and leadership.